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ford_of_bruinen: This Was My Choice

Title:  This Was My Choice
Author: ford_of_bruinen

Pairing/cast of characters: Erestor/Glorfindel, Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Celeborn and Galadriel with short appearances of others.

Rating:  NC-17

Summary:  The war of the ring is over and the third age is drawing to its close. Elladan and Elrohir have chosen mortality as has their sister and in the wake of this choice another Elf’s choice is slowly coming into the open.

Why I love this story:  Uli is, in my opinion, the Queen of Angst, so be forwarned!  In short, break out the tissues for this one.  It’s far more angsty than I can usually handle, but the story is so well crafted that I was sucked in from the first paragraph. From the opening lines, on to Erestor's revelation, and straight to the surprise ending, this story is gripping and emotional and is sure to please angst-lovers everywhere.
Link: then click on 'finished series' to read


Uli, honey, I hope it was all right to link to your site.  I couldn’t find the story archived on either OEAM or LoM.

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