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ADMIN: It's open rec season!

Hi folks!


We hope you’ve all been enjoying the retreads!  Now that you’ve had a chance to read some of our favorite fiction, we thought we would try something different and find out what YOU like.


Starting today, for the next two months we will be opening up the Retread community to the members.


Most anything goes, whether it’s FP or RP, new or old, slash, het, femslash, or gen, as long as the story you’re recommending features either The Lord of the Rings fictional book or movie characters or the actors who portray them.


We would, however, like to mention one important point.  Posts will be modded.


Now, before anyone freaks out, there are two very simple reasons for turning on moderated posting (assuming we can get it to work as planned!).  We want to be very clear that we have no intention of censoring or restricting postings to certain authors or genres. 


First, we want to eliminate duplicate recs.  If there are multiple recs for the same story, we’ll give credit to both of the submitters. Second, by moderating the posts, we can release a rec every two to three days, simply to avoid having an influx at the beginning and none at the end.


Both ‘Of Elves and Men’ and ‘Library of Moria’, as well as a few authors, have given blanket permission to link to their archives.  If you are not linking to either OEAM or LoM, please use courtesy and attempt to contact the respective authors if you are linking to their personal websites or another archive.


Remember to include the story name, author, rating, pairing (or characters for genfic) and a few words about why you like the story.  Most importantly, remember to include a link where the story can be found.  If you have trouble posting, please email one of us and we’ll check the community settings.


Start poring over those archives and share some of your own favorites!  Ready, set, GO!

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