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Classic Wrap-around time-travel LOTR Epic!

Probably familiar to many, this epic is an all-around enthralling tale, well worth re-reading on many levels.

Pecos "Beyond the Far Horizon" is a classic A/L adventure that takes off from a LOTR canon moment and vaults into time travel, heroic suffering, slash, het, wonderful horses, and many original elements ---- including a journey that takes our boys into the 20th century to meet --- well --- you can probably guess *who* --- but also imagine Saruman along for the ride into WW2 England and the U.S.

There are wonderful plot twists and touching moments of love and sacrifice that make this a great read. Check out the author's web page at: and explore the FPS section. Her RPS is also quite amazing (featuring mainly V/O and managing to slash just about *all* the LOTR cast *g*) --- but that's another story --- so only one selection per post I reckon! Enjoy --- and be prepared for a sleepless night!

Cheers and Blessings for the New Year. Ana Library Elf
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