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"Re-treading" Some Humor...

In looking through my fave fanfic list, I've discovered that most of the larger stories that I love have already been "re-treaded," but for two - one a collaboration between fimbrethiel and sian265, and one by eresse, but I'm not re-treading those today. Today, I'm recommending a little humor. I think nearly all of this author's ouvre is wonderful, but this story makes me laugh everytime I read it and I think I've almost spewed my coffee re-reading it again.

The story is called, "Huh?" and it's by Tongue in Cheek Scribe, otherwise known as TICS.

It can be found at adultfanfiction.net, but I'll link to dreamelf where it seems easiest to read: HERE,

It's Erestor/Glorfindel - NC-17 - it is a little OOC, I guess, at first, with a tongue-tied Erestor mooning over the Golden Warrior. With a wonderfully patient and persistent Glorfindel, to bring him dinner and um, a little more...Let's just say by the end of the evening "a little more", becomes much, much more...and Erestor's tongue is unleashed. Slight Warning: The dreaded "elfhood" is used herein, but don't let it stop you from reading. It is VERY FUNNY! And it's only about five pages.

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