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Welcome to LOTR_Retread!

This group is all about our love of good Tolkien Fan Fiction. In this community, we'll ‘retread’ and get a few more miles out of those classic stories that we know and love from the days of fandom past. Join us in re-reading the old favorites, and maybe discover something new!

Comments, discussion, debate, and differing opinions are welcome and encouraged. Please be respectful. If you like a story recommended here, please remember to give feedback to the authors, if possible.

This community is NOT an archive. We are simply providing links where the stories can be found. We have attempted to contact archive owners and authors for permission to link to their personal sites. If at any time an author is unhappy about being featured or an archive requests we not link to their site, we will honor their request and delete the post.

Disclaimer: The stories recommended here are suggested for the enjoyment of LOTR_Retread members and represent only our opinions and personal tastes. Your mileage may vary.

RULES (aka “that boring but really important administrative stuff”):
- For now, only the moderators will be posting the story links, but that may change a later date.
- DO NOT pimp other stories within the threads.
- DO NOT take these stories or link to them from this community.
- What is posted in the community...stays in the community! Feel free to discuss the stories, disagree with our picks, or what have you, but these discussions should REMAIN within this community and should not be discussed or linked anywhere else.

All links to OEAM and LoM used with permission.

The Two largest and best archives for LOTR fan fiction!
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LOTR_Retread wishes to thank alicesprings and happier_bunny at QaF_Retread for allowing us to borrow their great creation for our fandom!